Sunday, 23 February 2020

Education From Parents

The first place where a child starts learning is home. In the early age,children spend most of their time with parents & learn from them.So,as parents,,It's Parents duty to look into the future of your kid. Involving parents in the learning experience is also important due to fact that learning does not start & end with the school hours,as it is an ongoing process in student's life. If the promotion of technology begins in early childhood, the kids gradually well get used to finding their own ways of exploring and learning.This is where,parents have an important role in guiding the kid for the right use technology in this digital age.
Spend more time with children,encourage them,be in touch with their school management and teachers,assist them in getting their homework done & provide them comfortable learning environment ,parents must be knowing this but there are many technological resources which help parents in creating a beautiful future for child's education. 

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